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October 14-18, 2020


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  • ​The science of Longevity reveals that we can easily live to 120, The question is how do you want to be living? Learn how to get more life out of every year, and enhance your health from the ground up.

  • ​​Discover how to activate your DNA’s natural ability to heal, revitalize and optimize your body and mind to look and feel your best. (It’s called “epigenetics,” and this new scientific discovery is guaranteed to change your life forever.)

  • You will learn why we age and why we don't have to. ​Become your best, ageless, most energized self ever. Get ready to uplevel your brain, body and begin to thrive in every area of life.

  • ​Hundreds of dollars in free gifts, bonuses, and extra resources full of scientific secrets and recent discoveries that can help you live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Session Topics Cover

Lifespan, Healthspan and

Wellspan to Include:

Age Rejuvenation

Leading edge science and technological advancements have provided unprecedented discoveries in the field of aging and age rejuvenation. Regenerative therapies, and advanced strategies have been proven to restore youthful expression to the entire system regardless of chronologic age. Learn from the world’s trusted authorities with clinical experience in performance and longevity to provide the potential to redefine age and what it means to live a thriving life.

Cognitive Enhancement

Everyone is jumping on the cognitive enhancement band wagon and looking for the limitless pill in an attempt to get more done, experience greater creativity, innovate and promote better concentration, focus and attention. While there is no total systems limitless pill, we now have precision tools to optimize and enhance cognitive capacity. Learn how to leverage these exciting opportunities to create a thriving new experience.


The science of epigenetics reveals how our daily environment and outer world signals and informs the inner world of our bodies triggering physiological functions and response at the genetic level.  This is the science of lifestyle that moves beyond the outdated story that genes are our destiny. This reveals how our perception, interaction and response to our environment is what is informing our destiny. We explore nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, hormones, environmental design, mindset and more to give you the understanding of what is available and possible to put you in the driver's seat to create a thriving longevity life by precision design.  


Our skin is the largest organ of the body and yet often the most overlooked in supporting enhanced states of health and vitality. Discover natural, clinical and advanced solutions that will keep you looking your best at any age. 

Flow and Peak Performance

The Flow State is well known in the mainstream these days. While everyone seems to be chasing flow, there is often a limited understanding of how this state actually expresses. Join our experts to understand how to take a precision approach to living a high performance life and create an environment to cultivate human flourishing.

Consciousness Expansion

Eastern traditions, new technologies and advanced biologics combine to create never before available, synergistic strategies to optimize and enhance the human system. These new optimization protocols are leading many to experience heightened awareness and enhanced states of consciousness. Join us as we discuss the strategies available to access these states and arrive at an experiential knowing that indeed, we are the technology. 

Mindset Mastery

We are a product of our perception and create life experiences through the lens of this perception. When we create consciously, we become the master influencer of our mind and body to achieve previously unimaginable feats of performance, recovery and overall health. Learn the subtle techniques of perception and attention shifting used by professional athletes, executives and special forces that create more autonomy in your longevity, fulfillment and life experience. 

Advanced Technologies

The technologies market has exploded with a plethora of startups designing new, affordable transformative devices. Each of these companies hope to be “the one” that makes it big to enhance performance and create ways to improve wellbeing and relieve suffering. How do we know what really works as opposed to what is simply a time and money black hole? Learn the most effective strategies and top devices that have been proven to enhance performance.

Sleep Optimization

Scientific research validates that sleep is the foundation of high performance, optimal health and thriving wellbeing. Join this discussion on a precision approach to learn how to optimize sleep so that you can train harder, go longer, recover faster and maintain a competitive edge in every situation.

Learn from Over 60 of Today's Top Health Optimization and Longevity Leaders

Dr. Aubrey Grey

Shannon Kaiser

Dr. Jim Lavalle

Giselle Koy

Mark and Crystal Hansen

 Dr. Sandra Kaufman

Dr. Daniel Stickler

Dr. LaReesa Dukes

Dr Janice Hughes

Dr. Duncan Ross

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Siim land

Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr. Elana Villaneueva

Mario Martinez

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

Dr. Kent Holtorf

Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen

TJ Anderson

Dr. Patrick Porter

and many more!


Your Free Online: LONGEVITY Summit.

Powerful, free tools to empower your mind, rejuvenate your body, and ignite your soul.


The Host of the Longevity Summit

Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen

As the Founder of the Longevity Life Hub, Chief Limitless Officer of Apeiron Zoh Academy of Epigenetics and the Author of the Codes of Longevity, I am dedicated to enhancing health and human flourishing globally. I am honored to share this legacy project with the intention that it can support new states of health and optimized living for generations to come.


Through a systems based approach it becomes clear that life isn't linear with a straight path to the end. We are dynamic, complex systems individually and collectively. What creates health for one doesn't express exactly the same in another as we each influence and are influenced by our experience and interaction with the world around us.

Through sharing the latest in longevity age rejuvenation science and technology paired with ancient wisdom, natural practices and lifestyle solutions, a new potential can emerge. Age doesn't have to mean decline. Life can be lived fully, in a vital, vibrant state for hundreds of years to come.


Thank you for joining me on the longevity summit. It is my honor to have you a part of this platform, mission and movement as we together redefine what is possible in health

and longevity.


In Limitless Possibilities,


Dr. Melissa

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